Our mission is to help protect the assets and resources of our clients by providing professional, unbiased insurance and risk management services.


  About Us

Insurance Assessment Consultants (IAC) was founded in 1995 to educate and help insurance buyers protect their organizations in the most cost effective manner. IAC is committed to seeing that clients obtain optimum insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost. Brokers sell insurance, but IAC steps into the shoes of the insured organization working on their behalf. Because IAC does not sell insurance and is unaffiliated with any insurance companies, its loyalty is solely to the insured organization.

Large organizations have the luxury of hiring an experienced full time insurance and risk manager on staff to manage loss exposures; read in detail all the terms, conditions and exclusions in their corporate insurance policies; analyze contractual agreements; facilitate loss prevention programs and monitor the broker. However, most organizations do not have this luxury because of either budget or personnel constraints. They end up delegating these responsibilities to "non-insurance" professionals with little or no practical experience in the insurance and risk management field. Insurance Assessment Consultants (IAC) helps organizations level the playing field with the broker and gain access to large-size company resources.

IAC's services include analyzing exposures, performing unbiased insurance audits, preparing bid specifications, managing the entire broker RFP process, negotiating insurance terms and conditions, reviewing and advising on insurance and indemnification clauses in business contracts and preparing claims analysis reports.


Christopher Hafey, the founder of IAC, has 29 years in the insurance and risk management business. Prior to founding IAC, Christopher Hafey worked in all facets of the insurance and risk management industry. He held positions as an account executive for several brokers, a risk management administrator for a large financial institution, a company underwriter and a company claims adjuster.

He continues to stay abreast of the latest insurance and risk management issues and trends by attending seminars and pursuing professional designations. He has the attained following designations:

■ Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)

■ Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

■ Certified Risk Manager (CRM)

■ Construction Risk and Construction Specialist (CRIS)

■ Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC)

■ Associate in Claims (AIC)

■ Associate in Underwriting (AU)

Why do you need IAC?

In-House Expertise With Out-of-House Convenience

Unlike large organizations that employ experienced full time risk managers, smaller organizations delegate these responsibilities to "non-insurance" professionals. These professionals usually have no practical experience in the insurance and risk management field.

Insurance Assessment Consultants (IAC) helps even the odds by offering a wide range of expertise and services. By outsourcing the insurance and risk management responsibilities to IAC, you receive:

■ Professional, unbiased insurance advice

■ The lowest possible insurance cost

■ The broadest available coverage

■ A negotiator who looks after your best interest

■ An independent resource that works only for you and not the insurance companies

■ A way to close insurance policy gaps

■ A way to minimize the possibility of uninsured losses

■ A monitoring organization to watch broker activities

As a result, you will obtain broader coverage with less cost and have confidence that these services are provided by one who ensures that all of your insurance needs are analyzed—not just the ones sold by your broker.

IAC Helps You...

■ Analyze your exposures to loss

■ Eliminate gaps in coverage

■ Obtain the most comprehensive coverage

■ Obtain the lowest possible insurance cost

■ Select the best insurance proposal

■ Select the most competent agents

■ Protect the assets of your organization

■ Monitor your insurance program

■ Have piece of mind



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